The further pages here give the full background to the project - which has kept me well and truly occupied over the years since its origin, back in 2001.

The glory days of The Beatles – even though they were a long time back, still hold many fond memories for those who were caught up in the hysteria that followed the group around, back in the swinging sixties! Being one of many millions of Beatle fans, it was no hardship at all to delve into the history of the group’s third movie, which was filmed at various locations, including the Newquay area of Cornwall, which has been home to me since 1991.

I am originally from the midlands, Birmingham to be precise - and I greatly enjoyed my younger years in that area, the friends, the football, the adventures and of course, the music. Looking back now to those heady days of the sixties, we were very fortunate to witness the rise of all the new pop groups and singers, of which The Beatles were the trail blazers. So many big names, hundreds of fabulous new songs!

I’m also extremely lucky to have been at London Heathrow Airport on a sunny afternoon in August 1964 when the worlds’ most famous group flew in. The memory is clear and enduring, you don’t forget a mass of screaming girls dashing around, and hundreds of people waving over the barriers as the group emerged from their plane!

So fast forward to the here and now, Beatles music lives on, as do the memories of all things related to that era, for those who were there. And when it came to seeking out the memories from the Magical Mystery Tour, they were given with the enthusiasm that has hardly diminished, over the decades since it all happened!

Keith Gray with Neil Innes of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Neil Innes of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, with Keith Gray during the filming of our DVD in 2008
Again from the DVD filming, left to right, Frank Jones, Tony Bramwell (of the Beatles entourage), and Keith Gray